How Late Blooming Violets was Born

We belonged to an awesome Facebook support group for women coming out later in life. This group provided so much support before, during, and after coming out. We met friends, felt the love and support from women across the world, and finally felt like we were in a place we belonged and were understood. The group recently announced it was closing and we noticed many members devastated and scrambling to find other groups.

Shortly after the announcement the Facebook group was closing, Late Blooming Violets was born! We decided to create a robust platform that encompasses everything needed to help women like us find support. No matter what part of the journey you’re on, meeting friends who understand you, participating in forums, joining specific groups, etc. is something we feel is the most important in helping Late Blooming Violets get to the place they need to be.

We loved the idea of moving off of Facebook and having a private community for all of you. Wherever you are in your journey, we hope this safe place provides the support you need to get to your happy place. The place you can be you with no judgement.  

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